Book Review of Three Worlds by Nick Palmer

With influences of Robert Frost, Max Ehrmann and Roger McGough, in his superb first collection of a collection of thoughts, Nick Palmer explores the three worlds of human experience; what we are like on the inside, the beauty that inspires us to do great things, and the shadows that snare our hearts.

You know you’ve stumbled upon something special when you find your eyes drinking up the pages so quickly that, by the end, you’re intoxicated and in need of more.

In Palmer’s Three Worlds he offers up an impressive selection of poetry in a myriad of styles and themes. Impressively written, stunningly palpable, and relatable, Palmer’s collection has something for everyone. Broken up into three sections, I found the pieces which comprised the last two worlds my absolute favorite, and, in fact, revisited many of them several times over upon completion to let the beauty and wonder of each phrase seep into my soul some more.

With this collection, he’s created an addict in me. And I can’t seem to stop myself from returning to read a poem or two here and there. I do have one complaint with the collection… it has an ending! I want more Nick Palmer!


Nick was kind enough to let me share with you one particular poem which I have re-read more times than I care to admit since first enjoying it. And, so, I share with you…Black Tea

As the birds begin the Dawn Chorus,
A sign that today has begun,
I’m drinking black tea and thinking
And waiting for sleep to come.
She asked what I was doing
Sitting alone in the morning sun
I said I’m drinking black tea and thinking
And waiting for sleep to come.
She said that she felt mistreated
Because I’m always moody and glum
I said I’m drinking black tea and thinking
And waiting for sleep to come.
She said she’d found a new lover
And all that we were was done
I said I’m drinking black tea and thinking
And waiting for sleep to come.
She left because she didn’t understand me
And now I’m lonely and numb
So I’m drinking black tea and thinking
And waiting for death to come.

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Nick is an intelligent, funny and lively postgraduate student and library worker (by day), and a playwright/poet (all the other times). He lives in Leicester, UK, and enjoys bourbon biscuits. Born in Spalding, Lincolnshire, Nick enjoyed growing up in the flatlands of the fens. He started writing stories when he was very young, as well as writing poetry. He moved to Leicester in 2003 to attend university and has not left the city or the university yet; now on his third degree – a PhD in History. He started writing plays in 2007, and finds it to be the best form of expression, though he is still very attached to poetry. He also feels he still has a few stories in him.

Connect with him on his website, Facebook, and follow him on Twitter.

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